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Velocity Energy is a flow control solution provider whose strength and area of expertise lie in global networking for sourcing and procurement. Their efficiency is grounded by the amicable relationships the company shares with their manufacturers and distribution partners that help to ensure that there is a reliable supply of stock and quality in deliveries.

Keen observers of the global trend, Javin and Travis decided to go into this industry as they saw a golden opportunity in the energy market sector while they were both working for another company.

When asked about the challenges they had faced, both of them unanimously agreed that the global financial crisis of 2008 was a huge hurdle to overcome. It dealt the company a serious blow as the crisis caused a significant dip in the number of customers. However, the company chose to continue to serve their customers to the best of their potential and this work ethic ultimately weathered the crisis. The positive attitude and the willingness to persevere amidst challenges are only a few of the many things that differentiate Velocity Energy from their direct competition.

The aim of Velocity Energy is to provide a one-stop solution to all their customers’ needs. Thus, the company recognizes the importance of diversifying to accommodate to their customers. The company firmly believes
that inflexibility will inevitably drive customers away and being adaptable would generate customer satisfaction.

Plans of expansion are on the minds of the directors, they mentioned that they wish to expand their business to more untapped areas, like Indonesia, Myanmar, and the Middle East.

“Entrepreneurship is the practice of starting new organizations or revitalizing mature organizations. For new businesses, it is a response to identified opportunities”, both directors replied when asked about the meaning of entrepreneurship. Their reply ties in aptly with the observation that behind all businesses are individuals who make use of opportunities and market demands to their advantage.


When asked about their major source of motivation, it was almost in synchronicity that both of them said, “my family”. Evidently, these are two individuals spurred on by a love for family. In addition, they also mentioned that the company’s steady growth is also one of the biggest motivations for them to keep doing what they love.

The origin behind the company’s name directly correlates to the strengths of the company itself. Velocity Energy is known for being flexible and quick in their services, as such, the ethos of the company as a whole is fully represented through its name.

“Be determined and have the correct mindset”, was what Javin said when asked about the most important quality needed for anyone aspiring to become an entrepreneur. Indeed, it is only with perseverance that an individual will be able to weather the storm and move towards success. Travis added that an aspiring entrepreneur must constantly upgrade himself/herself. This will ensure that one is never outdated, and remains contemporary. Lastly, both purport that decision-making is extremely essential in the world of business, as the success or failure of a company depends directly from the decisions on top.

When asked to give advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, Travis said, “walk out of the comfort zone. Take challenges and stay optimistic”. Obviously the success of a business requires a balancing act of risk-taking and optimism, and it is this amazing skill that has create success out of Velocity Energy. Their expertise in the industry and ability to balance risk-taking with positive energy will be what will keep Velocity Energy in the world of success for many more years to come.