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Every factory owner or operator wants to operate his plant as efficiently and profitably as possible. An oil or gas well can be regarded as a factory, and the Sand Probe Monitor gives operators the best tool for maximizing profits. Instruments are in operation on thousands of wells every day, with the support from this world’s largest supplier of sand monitoring systems, we are sure that we could provide the best solution to our customers.

When sand is being produced from a reservoir it lowers the production rate and increases maintenance costs; it also represents a serious hazard to its surroundings. Produced sand can never be ignored and any well producing from an unconsolidated reservoir needs to have some sort of sand-monitoring system in place, preferably a real-time sand monitoring system.


Monolithic Isolation Joints are boltless and completely factory assembled in accordance with the appropriate requirements of ASTM, API, DIN and BS codes. All welds are butt weld construction.
Order as per customer drawings and request


Pig is a device that are use to perform various maintenance operations. This is done without stopping the flow of the product in the pipeline.

These operations include but are not limited to cleaning and inspecting the pipeline. This is accomplished by inserting the pig into a ‘pig launcher’ (or ‘launching station’) – an oversized section in the pipeline, reducing to the normal diameter. The launcher / launching station is then closed and the pressure-driven flow of the product in the pipeline is used to push it along down the pipe until it reaches the receiving trap – the ‘pig catcher’ (or ‘receiving station’).

We supply a wide range of materials and offer customize items as per your requirements and drawings. We also had a team of professional engineers at your disposal to offer a better solutions.

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