Flame arresters are used:

   to stop the spread of an open fire

   to limit the spread of an explosive event that has occurred

   to protect potentially explosive mixtures from igniting

   to confine fire within an enclosed, controlled, or regulated location

   to stop the propagation of a flame travelling at sub-sonic velocities

They are commonly used on:

   fuel storage tank vents

   fuel gas pipelines

   safety storage cabinets for paint, aerosol cans, and other flammable mixtures

   the exhaust system of internal combustion engines

   the air intake of marine inboard engines

   Davy lamps in coal mining

   over proof rum and other flammable liquors.


We offer a wide variety of arrestor products with maximum flow to pressure drop characteristics. Our portfolio includes in-line, free vent, high-pressure deflagration and detonation flame arrestors.

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